Frequently asked questions

What information can I find in #TwGOD?

The ‘Tweeting with GOD’ (#TwGOD) project covers all major aspects of the Catholic faith. Topics include God and creation, the Church, prayer and liturgy, and life as a Christian. In total, the project comprises 200 questions and answers, called ‘Tweets’. These are presented in an attractive, modern style. Each double page in the book is lavishly illustrated and stands on its own. Therefore, one can simply open the book anywhere and just start reading. The same applies to the 200 questions on the website. Along with the concise answers, this set-up is helpful for those who are not used to reading longer texts.

Do I need the book or do the website and app suffice?

The #TwGOD website, the app and the book complement each other, but can also be used independently. The app provides the connection between the book and the online content, and offers several specific options. Users need both the book and an Internet connection (for access to the website and social media) to benefit from all the possibilities of the #TwGOD project.

What is a ‘Tweet’ in this context?

#TwGOD describes every question with its corresponding answer as a ‘Tweet’, since the young people submitted their original questions via Twitter as well as other media. A reference like ‘See Tweet 1.34’ directs the reader to question 1.34 and the corresponding answer.

What do the abbreviations CCCC and Youcat mean?

Below every Tweet you will find references to other texts that can help to explore the subject in greater depth. In the book these references are found under the heading ‘Read more’, and on the website under the heading ‘From the Wisdom of the Church’. These texts are derived from several sources:

  • CCCC is short for ‘Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church’. A catechism is a book that explains the faith in a theological correct way, approved by the bishop. The Compendium is a concise edition of the complete Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), which was approved for the entire worldwide Church by Pope John Paul II in 1992.
  • Youcat  is an acronym for ‘Youth Catechism’, a version of the catechism of the Church specifically intended for young people. Like the CCCC, Youcat is a summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

What is the relationship between Youcat and #TwGOD?

Youcat and #TwGOD are two different ways of deepening the faith, aimed primarily at young people. #TwGOD is based on the questions posed by young people in this day and age. The answers originate in the wisdom of the Church, with due attention to the logic of faith and the link with one’s own life. Youcat starts with the questions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and wants to answer these briefly in a way that young people can understand. #TwGOD regularly refers to questions from Youcat and explores these further. Every person is different, and it is therefore good to have several projects that explain the faith. In this way, everyone can find a format that suits them.

How is ‘Tweeting with GOD’ funded?

‘Tweeting with GOD’ (#TwGOD) depends entirely on donations. In many ways we try to achieve a lot with limited resources. For example, the members of the project committee receive no compensation. Nevertheless, there are high costs associated with building and maintaining the website, developing the app, and translating the project into other languages (e.g. for countries with limited financial resources). All donations will be used exclusively to fund the #TwGOD project.

How can I support ‘Tweeting with GOD’?

You can support us in various different ways:

  • You can support us with a financial donation, either by bank transfer or directly via the Internet. See the Donate section for instructions on donating. We thank you in advance for your contribution!
  • You can also send us tips and suggestions for further improvements to the ‘Tweeting with GOD’ project.
  • If you are good at translating or graphic design, maybe you can help our team. If you think you can make a contribution, please fill out the contact form.
  • You can help us in particular by reflecting on faith in God, and by recognising that God loves you.

What is the role of the JP2 Foundation?

The ‘Tweeting with GOD’ project is part of the work of the JP2 Foundation, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Following the example of Pope Saint John Paul II, the Foundation is committed to helping (young) people to think and learn more about God, and to give their relationship with Jesus a place in their lives. Devoting attention to the whole person is essential in achieving this goal. The more comfortable people are with themselves, the better they are able to respond to Jesus’ love for them. As Pope John Paul II said in his encyclical Veritatis Splendor: “Without the Creator, the creature vanishes”. For his freedom, man depends on the truth about God and about himself. The JP2 Foundation wants to help people discover that truth.