JP2 Foundation

Saint John Paul II

The ‘Tweeting with GOD’ books were published as part of the work of the JP2 Foundation, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Following the example of Saint Pope John Paul II, the JP2 Foundation is committed to proclaiming and explaining the Gospel and the Catholic Tradition. The JP2 Foundation will always work in accordance with the teachings and morals of the Catholic Church.

Young people

It is very important in this context to encourage a living relationship with Jesus Christ, especially among young people, and to help them discover their own vocation. In the academic field, the JP2 Foundation wishes to support theological and spiritual studies and publications, especially where these intersect with other fields of research. The JP2 Foundation seeks to achieve its objectives by initiating, organising and financially supporting lectures, courses, studies and publications, using any and all means of communication, including print, the Internet, and other electronic media.

Attention to the whole person

Devoting attention to the whole person is essential in achieving these aims. The more comfortable people are with themselves, the better they are able to respond to the Gospel and the Catholic Tradition. As Pope John Paul II said in his encyclical Veritatis Splendor: “Without the Creator, the creature vanishes”. For his freedom, man depends on the truth about God and about himself. The JP2 Foundation wants to help (young) people to discover that truth, and give it a place in their lives. Visit for more information.