The book

Your questions

Do you have questions about faith? Are you a non-believer and curious about what Catholics believe? Were you raised as a Christian, and do you have certain questions but you don’t know whom to ask? You’re not alone! There are many people with questions about faith. Fortunately there are also answers to be found!

Logic of faith

The aim of the original #TwGOD exchanges was not only to answer questions, but above all to reflect on the underlying reasoning. In this way the group discovered that the Catholic faith is much more logical than many people think. The summaries of the answers, written together with young people, led to the publication of two ‘Tweeting with GOD’ books. These have been translated from Dutch into several other languages. Using the #TwGOD app, readers can move directly from a page in the book to the corresponding page on the #TwGOD website, where they can find more information on the subject.


‘Tweeting with GOD’ was originally published in two volumes, which were later combined into one handy book. The combined volume has four parts, which deal with the following subjects:

  • Part 1 – Tweets about God, the beginning and the end: the core of the faith, God, creation, the Bible, and how God deals with people.
  • Part 2 – Tweets about the Church, its origin and future: questions about the origin and history of the Church, and the Church’s presence in the modern world.
  • Part 3 – Tweets about your personal relationship with God, prayer and the sacraments: questions about prayer and how difficult it can be, the role of the church building in our lives, and what liturgy and the sacraments do for us.
  • Part 4 – Tweets about Christian life, faith and ethics: life as a Christian, various decisions you have to make as a believer, including challenging aspects such as dealing with sex, work, your vocation and ethical issues.