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About the #TwGOD Manual

Do you want to discover, deepen and share the Catholic faith? For example with some friends or with a larger group? In that case, the Manual of Tweeting with GOD (#TwGOD) was written for you! Authors Father Michel Remery and Ilse Spruit explain step by step how to set up a group, invite participants, put together a programme and lead group sessions. The Manual also contains special chapters, for example about Confirmation preparation and for groups that are attending World Youth Day.

This Manual complements the already existing #TwGOD materials - such as the book and the app, where Father Michel Remery answers 200 questions about God, the Catholic faith and the Church in a clear and contemporary way. 

Click on the link below to buy the Manual and check this page on a regular basis for newly added #TwGOD materials.

About the content

The Manual consists of three parts:

  • Part A discusses the background of the project #TwGOD and the central role played by the questions of young people.
  • Part B explains how a #TwGOD session works, how to organise these sessions with your youth group, and contains lots of practical advice.
  • Part C focuses on how to use the project, addressing not only the different #TwGOD tools, but also the different settings in which the project can be very useful, for example for confirmation class or even marriage preparation.

The Appendices also provide a lot of additional information, ranging from prayers and interactive methods to engage young people during the group sessions, to a full Confirmation course in Tweets.

Free bonus section: pilgrimages and World Youth Day

A pilgrimage, whether it is weekend retreat, a journey to Lourdes or attending World Youth Day, is more than just a holiday. It would be great if this experience has a lasting impact and becomes integrated in daily life once pilgrims return home.

The #TwGOD team has therefore written an additional part for the Manual, which discusses in detail how you can use #TwGOD to prepare for your group's pilgrimage and, maybe more importantly, how to organise a follow-up for your group after the pilgrimage. Part D is now available as PDF for free below.


From time to time, we will prepare for your group meeting a special, fully developed session on a specific topic or an entire season with #TwGOD. The #TwGOD team has written double spreads for these sessions, including an outline of the meeting, possible group activities, and lots of advice. The Specials are available below for free.



The best way to Tweet with God is through prayer, but praying in a group can be challenging. You will find more information on how to start and end your group sessions with prayer in the Manual.

By clicking on the link below you will find suggestions for prayers that you and your group can use. We will be adding more prayers on a regular basis, but you can also access many other prayers in numerous languages using our #TwGOD app

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about the project #TwGOD in general or about the Manual? Take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us directly.