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1.1 Doesn’t the Big Bang rule out faith in God?

Creation or coincidence?

Some people think that the Church is against science and that Christians must therefore also deny the Big Bang. The contrary is true!

The Big Bang theory was even first suggested by a Catholic priest, Georges Lemaître (†1966), for which he received official recognition from the Church. The idea of the Big Bang goes very well with the belief that God created the world ‘ex nihilo’ (from nothing).

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The Big Bang theory does not rule out faith in God. On the contrary, it can be believed as the way God began his creation of the universe.

The Wisdom of the Church

This is what the Church Fathers say

It is the nature of things which come into being to derive their origin from what is already existing. And it seemed to me that it might be said with equal truth, that nothing is eternally co-existent with God distinct from himself, but that whatever exists has its origin from him. [St. Methodius, On Free Will, Chap. 2 (ML 18, 244)]