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8.3 What if I do not know how to pray? What is the best way to pray?

Prayer - #OnlineSaints

When you pray, you relate to God. You can do so in many ways: you will certainly be able to find a way of praying that suits you. Do not make things complicated: God understands you even without words. Your prayer does not need to be perfect: the most important thing is that you search for God and open your heart to him. 

Rose wanted to dedicate all her life to Jesus. She did not enter a convent, but continued to live ‘in the world’, caring for those who needed her help most. She made time every day to withdraw in a small cabin to pray and spend time with God. You too can start a life of prayer today.

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Saint Rose of Lima

There are many ways to pray. The most important thing is to set apart time for God, and to open yourself to his presence: you can tell him anything you like!