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8.1 How did the saints pray? How can I learn to pray like them?

Prayer - #OnlineSaints

Saint Teresa of Avila said that praying is more about loving than about thinking. That was confirmed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, whose ‘Spiritual Exercises’ are still used by many people to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. Throughout the day they were mindful of God’s love for them and his presence in their lives. 

Saint Benedict retired from social life to live with God alone. Soon others followed his example and together they formed a monastic community. They were strong in the spiritual reading of the Bible, Lectio Divina. This method helps you to read, meditate, pray, and contemplate the text. Give it a try: make time every day for prayer, however short it may be in the beginning. 

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Saint Benedict of Nursia

The saints used different forms of prayer: reading the Bible in various steps, contemplating the love of God, or doing “spiritual exercises” so as to recognise the Will of God for them.