New media

Young people

The first edition of the ‘Tweeting with GOD’ books was a great success. The young people involved in the project wanted to share their enthusiasm with everyone. They therefore suggested extending the project to the Internet. The #TwGOD team consists mainly of enthusiastic young people. The technical aspects are handled by professionals, while young people provide the content. These young people are in constant dialogue with priests and theologians to ensure that the content posted on #TwGOD is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


The website also contains new information not included in the original book. The website can be used in two ways, depending on whether you start with the online content or with the book.

  • If you have a question about the faith, you can find short answers on the website with links to more information on the subject. The website can also be used without the book.
  • If you want to explore a topic in greater depth, you can visit the relevant page in the ‘Tweeting with GOD’ book.

Using the app, any reader of the book can immediately access more information concerning the subject he or she is reading about. This information is derived from the Tradition of the Church, the Church Fathers, texts written by Popes, and other sources.


The app has several features and can also be used without the book.

  • SCAN. Each double page in the book provides an answer to a specific question. The corresponding web page contains additional information about that topic. The image on the top left-hand side of a double page is accompanied by a SCAN logo. The SCAN feature on the app allows you to take a ‘photograph’ of this image, and then immediately redirects you to the corresponding web page.
  • All Tweets. The 200 questions that are answered on the #TwGOD website can be accessed directly from the app. You can also search for specific words in the titles of questions, or use the powerful online search tool.
  • Catholic prayers. The app contains a wealth of Catholic prayers in many different languages. This allows you to join in prayer, wherever you are. There is a separate section of prayers that every priest really should have access to at all times, in case of emergencies. These prayers are also available in many languages.
  • Order of the Mass. The basic structure of the Catholic Mass or Eucharist is the same all over the world. It is only the language that is different. To help you attend Mass in other countries, the app contains the standard texts of the Mass (the Order of the Mass) in many languages. Using the bottom left-hand button, you can always switch back to your own language to check how you would say that particular text. This is also a very handy feature for priests who want to concelebrate Mass together with other priests in another language.
  • Tweets of the day. Every time you start the app, you will see a new selection of two Tweets. In this way, we want to help you reflect on questions of faith every day.

Social media

#TwGOD is active on various social media. We mainly focus on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, with the aim of engaging in dialogue about questions of faith. In doing so, we will often refer to the 200 questions on the website and in the book. If a question is not answered there, we will search for an answer together. #TwGOD has a dedicated social media team.